Alerts You When Your Local Store Has an iPad in Stock has always been a great way to find an iPad at a local store but a new feature launched this morning makes it an even better tool for finding an iPad, or any other gadget, at a local store — in stock email alerts.

The new tool is called In Stock alerts and this service checks the stock of over 3 million items at a wide array of stores about every 10 minutes and sends an alert when your local store has the item you’re looking for. In this case, instead of calling or driving to a bunch of stores, I simply signed up to be alerted when my local Best Buy had an iPad in stock and received the following email.

To use the tool, search or an item and if it is not in stock you will see a small button to click to sign up for in-stock alerts. Click this and enter your email address. That’s all, no calling the store every 30 minutes or running around town. You just have to wait for an email letting you know it that your local store has an iPad in stock.

The tool is free to use and you don’t need to sign up for service. Simply visit, search for the specific iPad you want and if it is out of stock enter your email address. Soon will also offer text message alerts. You can also use to find other gadgets, games and items in stock at local stores. If you visit you can check the stock and pricing on your mobile phone and there will soon be apps for the iPhone and Android devices.

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