Barnes & Noble NOOKstudy Now Available

Barnes & Noble’s NOOKstudy eReader software is now available for PC and Mac, for free. This software allows students to purchase and view eTextbooks on their computer at a fraction of the cost of a physical textbook.

Dedicated eReader devices, such as the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook have taken the world by storm. Apple threw itself into the mix by creating iBooks for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Barnes & Noble NOOKstudy software allows students to use eBooks and eTextbooks, without the need to purchase a pricey dedicated eReader or Apple iOS device. Actually NOOKstudy offers textbooks that aren’t even available for the other formats. Here’s why:

“Textbooks are complex and usually graphic-intensive; they do not display well on small screens,” Barnes & Noble said. “However, if you have purchased e-books (e.g. Moby DickPride & Prejudice, etc) that are predominantly text, those are supported on Nook and mobile devices, in addition to Nook Study.”

NOOKstudy allows you to:

  • Download and organize all of your textbooks
  • Manage class syllabi, handouts, lecture notes, and leisure reading
  • Organize materials by course
  • Take notes directly in your eTextbooks
  • Highlight passages
  • Search for specific text in each book as well as your notes
  • Open multiple textbooks at the same time
  • Zoom-in on pictures and diagrams
  • Look up definitions and formulas on websites such as Google and

Barnes & Noble claims that the company offers approximately 6,000 eTextbooks. However, when searching for textbooks for this coming Fall semester, I did not find a single electronic version. It may be a while before eTextbooks really take off to the point where nearly all textbooks have an electronic alternative. So, for at least this semester, I will be using the tried and true physical textbooks.

Download NOOKstudy today and try it out for yourself.

Via PC Magazine