iPhone 4 Bluetooth Problems?

There are now reports of a problem with the iPhone 4 and Bluetooth sound quality, according to Erica Sadun of The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Sadun posted that TUAW were testing the Jawbone Icon wireless Bluetooth handset and people she was calling complained that her voice did not sound good. They told her it was muffled” and there was decreased dynamic range.” To investigate she went to Jawbone’s forums and found a couple of discussions with complaints of both muffled sound and poor voice quality while using the Icon with an iPhone 4.

“Informal testing here at TUAW central with a couple of Jawbone units on both an iPhone 3GS as well as the iPhone 4 showed that the 3GS displayed none of the problems that the iPhone 4 is demonstrating.” (TUAW post)

Her post links to a discussion thread at the Apple support forums filled with people struggling with the same issue, but not all of them have the Jawbone. Some were Motorola users.

I use an iPhone 4 and a Motorola Bluetooth speaker in my van and have not noticed a problem, nor has anyone told me there was a problem with sound quality. But it seems there are enough people complaining that it sounds like it is not just an isolated incident. Aliph is the manufacturer of the Jawbone Bluetooth device in question. TUAW quotes their spokesperson saying:

We are aware of and concerned with the user frustration surrounding the issues affecting all Bluetooth devices (headsets, car kits, and speakers) connecting to the iPhone 4 and iOS4 updated phones. We know users have come to expect the freedom of hands-free and we are working night and day with our partners, Apple and AT&T, to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. (Aliph spokesperson)

Like the reception issues that have been widely reported, I am sure this will get a lot of attention and experts will start speculating as to what is wrong. So look for more information going forward. Will this be one more straw that will break the Apple backs and lead to an iPhone 4 recall that many are calling for?

Let us know if you are having similar problems.

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