iPhone 4 Glass a Little Delicate and How To Replace a Broken iPhone Screen

The long list of problems with the new iPhone has one more to add to it. The back of the phone is made of glass and easier to break than previously believed.

Sumocat at Gottabemobile reported today that iFixit is going back on their claim that the iPhone’s glass is Gorilla Glass, a super strong glass that is highly resistant to breaks. He said that the iFixit site changed their review to leave wiggle room. It may or may not be Gorilla glass. There are reports of people scratching their screen and even breaking it with simple drops from waist height, something I’ve done a half a dozen times with my 3GS and never broken it.

The back of the phone is also made of glass and a Gizmodo intern broke his new iPhone by dropping it from only a few feet. I really feel for him. He said that the phone slipped out of his hands while trying to hold it so as not to interfere with the temperamental antenna.

If this is the norm for the new iPhone then a lot of people are likely going to be unhappy. Dropping a phone is a common problem. You may want to get some insurance for yours early on.

If you should be so unfortunate as to break your screen, there is a fix. It doesn’t look like is for the faint of heart, but if you broke your screen and don’t have insurance, then you have nothing to lose as the warranty won’t cover broken glass. From this video, you can even get a discount on your new screen from the company that made the video.

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