iPhone 4: First Wave Sold Out

If you were like me and were not one of the lucky ones to get an iPhone 4 pre-ordered today, then you are out of luck if you wanted it delivered next week. The Apple web set is now saying July 2nd is the ship date. That is if their online store can be trusted after today’s huge failure.

It will be interesting to see if we ever learn the whole truth about Apple’s screw up. Yes, many are putting the blame on AT&T, which may be who is technically responsible. But who is ultimately responsible for selecting the partner in the first place and then sticking with them despite wide outcry from users to find a better solution? So now Apple is getting its just deserts. And what is their punishment. Billions of dollars in new hardware purchased, once again, sight unseen by the vast majority of buyers.

There is only one way to fix the problem, but we the consumers do not have the will to make it happen. It means we have to break the Apple umbilical cord and go Android or some other solution. But the addiction is strong. So I am sure that in the next few days people like me will be looking for ways to “job” the system and get an iPhone on the original ship date.

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