Use Twitter to Follow World Cup 2010

Twitter has put together a special version of their website, allowing you to more efficiently follow World Cup updates. The World Cup 2010 Twitter page can be found here.

The World Cup 2010 Twitter homepage

Because Twitter is a global phenomenon and the World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet, Twitter decided it was only fitting to highlight tweets about the World Cup in one place and organie them. That is exactly what the World Cup 2010 page on twitter was designed to do; aggregate information.

The Twitter World Cup page uses live widgets and real-time search to “capture the spirit of the World Cup”. It highlights top tweets about the soccer tournament.

The Twitter World Cup page allows visitors to:

  • Connect with players, teams, and brands
  • Join matches in a new way
  • View suggested accounts to follow
  • View a World Cup theme on your profile page
  • View updates filtered by country
  • View Previous, Current, and Future game tweets

Top Tweets

Game listings

Updates filtered by country

Current game updates

Check out other ways to follow the World Cup coverage, here.

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