Use My WebWill to Comfort Friends and Family Upon Your Death

My Webwill, in cooperation with Symantec, is an innovative, though mildly creepy, way to console your loved ones via social networking upon your death. My Webwill allows you to choose to deactivate, change, or transfer your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and many more.

My Webwill is truly the first of its kind. However, it is a pretty smart move. With the immense web presence of the average person these days, many loose ends may exist upon one’s death. My Webwill enables the user to choose exactly what they want done to a vast selection of online websites. It allows you to add that last Facebook or Twitter status update, transfer your Flickr account to a friend, so the pictures aren’t lost, and even send personalized emails to friends and family. There are so many options, making My Webwill a very useful service.

Right now, My Webwill is offering a special beta offer of $9.95 for a one year premium account. This account would allow a user to:

  • Deactivate their various accounts – Accounts can be deleted or hidden
  • Change content – Leave a last status update or send personal emails
  • Transfer all account details to a loved one – Transfer Flickr pictures or keep a blog account active
  • All of this can be done to an unlimited number of online accounts.

In addition to this current paid beta account, eventually there will be a limited free version of My Webwill.

How will My Webwill know when I die? In certain countries, such as Sweden and Germany, a national registry of living people is kept.  By cross-referencing this registry with their customer database, they are able to find who is no longer living. Here in the US, you need to enter the contact information for two verifiers. These verifiers will be contacted once a year to determine whether or not you are still living. These verifiers can contact My Webmail in the event of your death.

For more information, visit My Webwill.

Via My Webwill and SocialBeat