Google Offers Quick World Cup Summaries

You’ve probably already seen our guide on watching the World Cup online, however, you might just want a quick update of the score or standings without going through the hassle of loading up a full webpage (especially if you are out and about with your mobile phone). Thankfully, Google has some helpful OneBox results just for the World Cup.

With a simple query of world cup” in Google, you’ll be presented with a glanceable version of all the relevant information such as the current standings, and upcoming matches:

world cup google results If you are on your mobile phone and using Google’s mobile search engine, you can pull up the same handy table. The mobile version is even showing the match times in my timezone as well as the networks on which the games will be aired.


This is a quick and simple way to sneak a peak at the World Cup from any mobile device while at work without getting sucked into all the video and content offered by sites like

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