Get Ashampoo Internet Accelerator Free for a Limited Time

If you are still using a dial up, or a slow speed DSL or cable, internet connection and want to increase your web browsing speed then you are in luck. Ashampoo is giving away Internet Accelerator 2 for limited time. Ashampoo Internet Accelerator analyzes your computer and optimizes all the relevant settings for you to speed up surfing on slow connections.

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator is very easy to use. Most users can select the automatic optimizer and are good to go. If you don’t like to use automatic settings, you can still access the individual settings and adjust them manually.

Below are some of Ashampoo internet accelerator notable features.

  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Built in settings for Internet Explorer and Firefox so that you can do the performance-enhancing settings from the Ashampoo Internet Accelerator itself.
  • Verify the host file to protect you from spy-ware and other malicious programs.
  • Interactive checking for key parameters.

Ashampoo is giving this internet accelerator tool free for limited price, normally priced at $19.99. For more details about the product please visit Ashampoo product page.

How to get it free:

  1. Head over to Ashampoo Internet Accelerator promotion page.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. You will receive the remaining directions in a followup email.

Please note that if you have a high speed connection you will not likely see a big boost in performance and you will not be able to download large files faster. This tool is aimed at improving the web browsing experience.

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