iFixit’s teardown of the new MacBook Pro 15″

Well that didnt take long.  iFixit, the company famous for its teardowns of today’s most popular technologies, put their talents to work and have torndown the new MacBook Pro 15″ notebook.

So, what did iFixit find?  Here are the highlights:

Image from iFixit.com

  • The big news is the new Intel Core i5 processor.  The processor is made up of two chips- one for the actual processor, one for the graphics processor.
  • Switchable graphics capability is now available.
  • The battery is just three screws and a connector away from being able to be replaced.  And, its a slightly higher capacity battery.
  • Apple moved the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth board.  The WiFi/Bluetooth board is now mounted inside the all-metal case. Apple added an antenna mounted on the frame for the optical drive opening.
  • Apple changed the design of this speaker assembly slightly, moving from a single plastic enclosure to separate plastic enclosures for the speaker and subwoofer that are connected by the speaker leads.
  • Apple has stopped using five-point Torx screws found on earlier MacBook 15-inch Unibodies in favor of Tri-Wing screws.

All in all, its a decent upgrade, especially for the processor and graphics.  Time to start my upgrade fund for a new MacBook.

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