iPhone 4.0- the speculation

Its happening today at 10AM Pacific Standard Time.  Yes, its the iPhone 4.0 event being held in Cupertino.  The press, and then the consumers alike, will find out if all the months of rumor and speculation are true.  What is iPhone 4.0?  Will it be what everyone is hoping it will be?

Our own Kevin Purcell has put in his 2 cents on what he thinks is coming to iPhone 4.0, but lets add a few more into the mix:

  • Multitasking– Its been mentioned in EVERY article but every press outlet around.  Everyone wants true multitasking.  Personally, I’d be happy with what my iPod Touch already does, but with people using their iPhone, and now their iPad, for heavy app usage, real multitasking might be a good thing.
  • A global inbox- iPhone already has the ability to check multiple email accounts, but you need to check them one at a time.  How about a mailbox where we can see all the email in one place with only a label to tell us which is for what inbox?
  • Adding contacts to the homescreen- This is an old rumor that had some credit due to an old patent Apple had filed.
  • iAd- Yes, the Apple mobile advertising service could be announced today. This is all we need, more ads on our phones.  Personally, I dont want this on an iPhone.  The service itself though, I have no issue.  Its going to be Apple vs Google in the ad wars.
  • Multi Touch everywhere- Multitouch working in all parts of the OS.
  • Updates to Calendar and Address book syncing- This one is pure speculation, but it would be nice.
  • Updated UI- Maybe something to reflect some of the new UI from the iPad?
  • Direct Printing- This is a new rumor, but if its true, would be rather kick ass. Being able to print over Bluetooth or WiFi would be a great boon, especially now since a batch of new printers have come out supporting wireless printing.  Now imagine it on the iPad too.  Wow.

Now, it would be great if all the things Kevin mentioned and all the things I have mentioned here would be part of the next iPhone.  But, we’ll all have to wait and see.

I am curious about two other issues: one, will the new OS run on older hardware? I have a 1st generation iPod Touch that works just fine.  I really dont want to ante up another $200 to buy another one just to get the new OS.  And what is the OS upgrade going to cost this time?  The other issue, will there be a hardware refresh?

Well, time to hurry up and wait.  Our own editor-in-chief Xavier Lanier will be on hand at the announcement and we’ll get the scoop to you and soon as he tells us.

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