Android TV is coming

And now for something completely different… (Thank you Monty Python!)

A company out of Sweden called People of Lava, is introducing something new to the market, an Android based television called the Scandinavia.  Yes, an Android television.

According to an article over at CrunchGear:

The Scandinavia Android TV which will first be released in a 42” version, followed by 47” and 55” is built without compromises. It features top-of-the-line components and is carefully put together by hand to ensure the kind of quality that customers expect from a People of Lava Full- HD LED TV set.

Its Android platform and internet capabilities provide a wide range of functionalities, including:

  • Out of the box Android TV applications such as: YouTube, Google Maps ,Weather, Time, Calendar, Internet Browser
  • Downloadable Apps, both free and from coming App-store: Facebook, Twitter, Email and more…
  • Internet connection
  • USB connection

The television will run about $2500 for the 42 inch configuration initially.

We have already started to see Android pop up on television with some stations including the Android bar code so users could scan it to get an application.  Having the Android operating system be part of the television is just the next logical step.  They are already working on Android on the desktop and laptop.  Why not television?  What would be next after that thought?  Android cars a la MS Sync?

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