Vpad Tablet from iiView is a netbook as a slate

Now that the iPad has been announced many other companies are introducing slate style devices. One example is the iiView vPad tablet. This small device wieghs under 2 pounds and features a 10.2″ touchscreen running Windows 7 Starter.


The iiView Vpad starts at $499 for 1GB RAM and a 160 GB hard drive and goes up $699 for a 3G equipped model with 2 GB RAM and a 320 GB hard drive.

The vPad looks pretty slick, but unfortunately it is running Windows 7 starter which means there is no out of the box support for inking, and it is running an Intel Atom N270 processor with no HD accelerator which makes it difficult if not impossible to enjoy Hulu and Youtube videos.

Hopefully the next version will come with a newer N450 processor, ION or an HD accelerator to make it more of a multimedia tablet. Still, you should be able to read ebooks, surf the net and do basic office work on this tablet , much like you would with any of the netbooks sold in 2009.

iiView vPad specs

Processor Atom 1.6GHz processor (N270)
Motherboard Intel 945 chipset family
Memory Depends on Model (1 / 2 GB)
Disk drive Depends on Model (160GB / 320GB)
USB Three USB 2.0 ports
Audio 1 Microphone / 1 Headphone Jack; VIA High Definition Audio
Display 10.2″, 1024×600 resolution Touchscreen
Video VGA Jack
Networking/Wireless Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n compatible; 3G WCDMATD-SCDMACDMA2000 (On certain Models)
Operating System Windows 7 Starter Edition

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