CES- To 3-D or not to 3-D

I mentioned yesterday that I was noticing a theme at this year’s CES.  It seemed to be all about 3-D.  Its 3-D on the television… 3-D gaming rigs… 3-D home movies..and of course, 3-D on laptops and desktops.

But, in talking with a friend of mine from the broadcasting community, no one is addressing a major point?  Will the 3-D experience we see in the theater (like Avatar) really rival what we will have at home?  Will there be any issues?  Will there be any side effects?

Side effects you ask?  Yes.  I know many a person who has health issues with 3-D movies.  It makes them a bit ill.

So in that vein, here is a video about 3-D..and does it make you queasy?

So, should we really have 3-D in the home?  Its a toss up, in more ways than one.

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