CES: Saygus Vphone- a new way to communicate

Saygus Vphone at CES

Saygus Vphone at CES

At CES Unveiled last night, I had a opportunity to talk to the folks over at Saygus about their new Vphone, the first phone to have two way video communications.  Yes, video communications.  Its looks like some company has finally come up with a Star Trek communicator (with respect to Gene Roddenberry).

The specs on this can be found on the company’s web site, but the interest facts are:

  • Runs on Android 1.6, upgrading to 2.0 soon
  • 2 way video communication, utilizing low bandwidth.  Meaning that it can run x4 speed of a regular 3g call, but only use half of the bandwidth.  The company was focusing on making sure their compression algorithm compensated for packet loss and degradation, but kept bandwidth usage in check.
  • Works with H263 and H264 signaling.
  • Works with TTY for use with the deaf
  • CDMA2000 network (meaning its possibly going on Verizon’s network but the company wont confirm which cellular company they are speaking to)
  • Physical keyboard
  • 800 X480 WVGA resolution
  • …the list goes on

What markets is the Vphone trying to go after?  While security and the miltary are key markets, the more interesting one to me was the deaf community.

Since the phone is true 2 way video, the deaf will be able to sign to each other over a mobile device for the first time.  They wont have to be stuck using TTY devices anymore.  It would be a wonderful breakthrough in mobile communication for them.

The device is due out sometime first quarter 2010.

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