CES: 3M Launches MPro150 Projector with built in MP3 player

Along with all of the new notebooks, netbooks and tablets that are being announced at CES this week 3M has announced a new pico projector, the 3M MPro150, which provides users with a tiny on the go projector that works just as well with a notebook as it does as a standalone projector. The MPro150 displays a 50″ image at 15 lumens.


The MPro150 has 1 GB of built in memory (and a micro SD slot) which users can store and display Microsoft office documents without the need to connect to a notebook. To further allow users to leave their netbook in the bag the MPro150 also features built in speakers and a flip out tripod and can double as an MP3 player when you aren’t using it to display business presentations. There’s even an adapter to connect the MPro150 to your iPod for movie playback.

The projector weighs 5.6 ounces and is just over 5 inches long and has an estimated street price of $395 with a February release date. While the MPro150 easily costs as much as a netbook; it does provide a decent number of options out of the box to make pitching or relaxing on the road easy.

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