Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Unlocking more benefits

Today we take a look at the improved Windows Anytime Upgrade feature in Windows 7, first introduced in Vista. The Windows Team did an excellent job with the user experience. I attempted it once under Vista when I tried to do Anytime Upgrade from Vista Home Basic to Business on my sister in laws notebook, but discovered this was not supported. I got an opportunity to take it for a spin under Windows 7 to see if was improved and I must say I am very impressed and I know you will be too if the need arises.

The amazing thing about Anytime Upgrade is how quick and simple the process is, Microsoft estimates at least 10 minutes in comparison to Vista’s 30 minute or more process. Based on my trial, it was at least 7 minutes, some persons have even reported at least 5 mins for Anytime Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate.

If you are running supported SKU’s such as Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium or even Professional, you will have the option of upgrading to a higher SKU. Microsoft has made each of the SKU’s a subset of features, so a user can do an Anytime Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional, unlike Vista which only allowed Anytime Upgrades from certain SKU’s:

Vista Home Basic Home Premium or Ultimate

Vista Business Ultimate

All that has changed, if you want to move from Home Premium to Professional, you will have that option. No need to reinstall your applications or backup your personal data.

Welcome Screen

Just like Windows Vista, you can launch the Anytime Upgrade wizard from the Start menu > All Programs group or from within the Control Panel. The wizard provides two methods to unlocking a higher SKU, you can go online, purchase a license or if you already have a key, just enter it. This is major positive for customers who might not have a credit card or Internet Access.

Welcome Screen2

Enter your product key

Welcome Screen3

Verifying product key

Welcome Screen4

Accept License Agreement

Welcome Screen5

During the Anytime Upgrade Process, your computer will be restarted.

Welcome Screen6

10 minutes? Try 7!

Welcome Screen9

  And there you have it, a smooth upgrade, no issues.


Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Pricing List for USA

    * Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium: $79.99

    * Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Professional: $114.99

    * Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate: $164.99

    * Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional: $89.99

    * Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate: $139.99

    * Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate: $129.99

Microsoft has made this such a convenient procedure, no need for physical media, no need to go online, just enter your key and forget about it. What’s most impressive is how quick the process is.


Windows Anytime Upgrade: Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate

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