Sony Advertisement Compares the New VAIO X to a Samurai Sword

After recently canceling their last ultra-portable line, the VAIO TT, Sony has just announced its successor: the VAIO X. The marketing people at Sony are smart; if there is anything cooler than a super-thin computer it’s definitely a katana. So what better to do than to put them both in an advertisement together?

Maybe it’s just me, but I find the new advert quite awesome. I think its really tastefully done, and it definitely makes me want one of these computers. Usually it is hard to gauge how thin a computer might be without seeing it in person, but if you pay close attention to the ad, you’ll see some striking things pop out that make you realize how incredibly thin it is. For one, you can see that the body of the computer (the part without the screen) is barely any thicker than a standard USB plug. On the opposite side, the Ethernet port is too tall to fit on the body in any regular manner. It appears as though they needed to come up with a solution for this and it is possible to expand the Ethernet adapter when it needs to be used.

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