HP Power to Change Reminds Business Users to Shut Down

HP’s in the midst of a campaign to remind office workers to turn off their computers overnight. A little energy here and there might not sound like a lot, but always-on computers can have a serious environmental impact when you consider the millions of office workers that either forget to turn of their machines when they leave the office or don’t want to bother with waiting for their machines to start up in the morning.

According to HP, only 36% of business desktop users turn off their computers at the end of the workday.

HP is offering up a Power to Change widget reminds users to shutdown every day. The also widget tracks how often you turn off your computer and calculates the campaign’s global results. According to HP’s estimates, the 18 have saved 21,851 kWh, which has the impact of taking 873 cars off the road.

Even if you aren’t that concerned with saving energy It’s a good idea to restart your computer to clear out the cobwebs and keep things running smoothly. While this is definitely a noble campaign and every individual does have a small impact, I think it’s up to IT professionals to implement effective energy strategies.

The widget and information about Power to Change is available by clicking here.

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