What Web Workers Carry in Their Gear Bags

Several bloggers are showing off their gear bags and what they carry over at Web Worker Daily. The GigaOM network doesn’t have an official IT department, which means it’s up to each blogger to select his/her own gear.

Simon Mackie kicked things off by showing what gear he takes to conferences. Like me, he lugs quite a bit of camera gear. He also uses a Dell XPS M1210, a nice little 12″ notebook.

Most of the bloggers are using 13.3″ or smaller notebooks and travel relatively light. Aliza Sherman, James Kendrick, Kevin Tofel, Dawn Foster and Darrell Etherington all carry 13″ MacBooks. Imran Ali uses a 15″ MacBook Pro and Mackie says he’s proabably going to buy a MacBook to replace his XPS M1210.

If you notice a theme, that’s probably because MacBooks make excellent blogging companions. Press rooms at technology conferences are typically jammed with MacBook-carrying bloggers.  cimg1464

James Kendrick, who blogs over at jkOnTheRun, has the most compact setup. He uses a Booq XS backpack and leaves his power adapter at home in favor of an extra battery.

Check out the rest of the WWD’s gadget bags here.

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