Just Got My Amazon Kindle…I Hate It, My Wife Loves It

Amazon KindleA couple of days ago I wrote about why I think the Amazon Kindle will fail. I ordered one to see if I was missing something and if its simplicity and WhisperNet wireless book store would somehow change my mind. I’ve played with it for about an hour and I hate it. My wife just came home and thinks it’s the coolest gadget she’s seen in a long time…

Then again, my wife reads about 10 times as much as I do. She has a theater degree and has read hundreds of thousands of pages of text- so maybe her opinion counts more than mine.

I hate the controls, hate how it looks and the so-called web-browsing experience is straight out of 1995, but way worse and in black and white.

We’re going to use it for the next few days and see if I end up liking it or not. I’m going to bring it to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow to show to some authors in the family. One writes books for kids and another writes some of the famous Dummies books.

Maybe the Kindle will appeal more to people that aren’t playing with slick gadgets all day and actually read real books.