SprintSecure Laptop Guardian

Sprint Secure Sprint and Alcatel-Lucent are rolling out the SprintSecure Laptop Guardian, a PC Card that combines a 3G modem, linux computer and battery to provide comprehensive security. If a SpintSecure-equipped computer is lost or stolen it can be locked down remotely by an admin, who can also wipe the drive’s contents.

âہ“Businesses that have a strong need for high levels of corporate data security protection but have struggled with finding a versatile solution should consider this service,â€Â said Sandra Palumbo, program manager, Yankee Group. âہ“The approach Sprint and Alcatel-Lucent have taken with this service will assist in solving a wide variety of data security and policy issues that companies face with their mobile workforces.â€Â

The solution utilizes a unique Mobile Broadband connection card that serves as a two-factor authentication device. The card itself is an ignition key; the user must insert the card into the laptop to gain access to his/her laptop. The same card can be controlled by an enterprise IT administrator to remotely revoke authentication privileges always rendering control over the laptop and, more importantly, the corporate data on the laptop.

âہ“The primary concern we hear from businesses as they consider the adoption of mobile broadband services is regarding security of laptops and the confidential information they contain,â€Â said Mike Coffey, vice president of converged services, Sprint. â€ÂWorking with alliance partner, Alcatel-Lucent, to build one of the first comprehensive laptop security solutions eliminates this barrier to mobile broadband adoption. SprintSecure Laptop Guardian delivers mobile broadband service with a connection card featuring robust security capabilities that are always active, even when the laptop is turned off.â€Â

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