Pull Cord Generator for OLPC…I Want One

One Laptop Per Child Generator Keeping gadgets charged and ready to use can be a major pain, even in a big city. So how does the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project plan on keeping millions of computers powered up in some of the poorest, most remote locales in the world? Forget about power outlets, the low-cost laptops will be human-powered with an innovative generator that resembles a yo-yo.

Potenco, a company in Alameda, Calif., landed a grant from OLPC to develop the pull-cord generator. The pull-cord generator can produce up to 20-watts of power to charge a OLPC laptop or any other mobile gadget. One minute of pulling on the cord can generate 20 minutes of talk time on a mobile phone or four hours of play time on an iPod Shuffle.

The first versions of the pull-cord generator will be sold to governments ordering OLPC laptops for students, but there are plans to commercialize it. It’s great to see OLPC driving innovation and I’d be first in line to buy one of these things.

via OLPC News

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