Summer Travel Tech: Accessories

This summer we have been offering some opinions on Summer Time Travel Tech, giving you pointers on what gadgets might help as you take a trip. So far we've shar...
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HP Voluntarily Recalls 70,000 Faulty Notebook Batteries

HP is issuing a voluntary recall on 70,000 outstanding batteries sold between August 2007 and March 2008 due to potential overheating problems. Reports to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission show there has been two instances of overheated batteries leading to property damage with no bodily injuries. HP notes that these battery issues are in no way related to the previous recalls and will replace the affected batteries at no charge. The batteries in question were sold both as part of the notebook package or as stand-alone replacement batteries for these particular devices:

HP Enviro Series Batteries Now Available, Good to Go for 3 Years

bpi-hp-enviro3HP's Enviro Series batteries are now available for order. The batteries are produced by Boston-Power, a company that makes environmentally-friendly batteries that perform better over the long haul. This new line of batteries are are compatible with 18 HP notebooks, including most Pavilion and HDX series computers.

HP Mini Extended 6-Cell Battery Now Shipping, On Sale for $96

hpmini_6cell_saleThe 6-cell extended battery for the HP Mini 1000 is shipping and on sales for $95.99 after a $24 discount. The Mini 1000 is one of my favorite netbooks, but its standard 3-cell battery just isn't enough for a lot of people. The 6-cell battery doubles the time you can work on the Mini 1000 on a single charge.
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HP EliteBook 6930p: 24-Hours of Battery Life on a Single Charge

HP's announced that its EliteBook 6930p business notebook will have up to a 24-hour runtime thanks to energy saving components and a 12-cell ultracapacity battery. I spoke with Jeremy Brody from HP, who filled me in on exactly how this is accomplished.
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Pull Cord Generator for OLPC…I Want One

One Laptop Per Child Generator Keeping gadgets charged and ready to use can be a major pain, even in a big city. So how does the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project plan on keeping millions of computers powered up in some of the poorest, most remote locales in the world? Forget about power outlets, the low-cost laptops will be human-powered with an innovative generator that resembles a yo-yo.
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Next Gen Lithium Notebook Batteries

Panasonic's Michael Buchner walks us through the next two generations of Lithium Ion notebook batteries. The company will increase battery life by 40% without i...
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Video: Exploding Notebook Battery

WeWq6rWzChw This is what an exploding notebook battery looks like. The chances of your notebook battery exploding is pretty much nil, this is probably the only ...