ModBook Inventor Shows Off the First OSX Tablet

Click to Play sits down with Axitron President and Chief Engineer Andreas Haas, inventor of the ModBook, at MacWorld 2007. The ModBook is a modified MacBook that’s converted into a high-end slate-style Tablet PC. Excellent design and manufacturing makes the ModBooks we look like they just rolled off of Apple’s own assembly line.

Starting with a standard MacBook, the lcd is removed and replaced with a housing that contains a brighter and more durable screen and a WACOM digitizer. An optional GPS receiver and other goodies are also crammed into the ModBook.

Haas says there’s a strong demand for OSX tablets, but there isn’t sufficient demand to warrant Apple rolling out its own line of tablets. Haas takes a jab at Bill Gates and company, saying they’ve gotten the Tablet PC all wrong by selling them as notebook replacements. Haas says the ModBook is an awesome companion product to your notebook, but not meant to replace it.

The ModBook inventor is already running Windows XP and CAD on one of his ModBooks. They will be providing a Windows Vista driver, so you will be able to use it as a Vista Tablet PC.

The ModBook will start shipping in April, and start at $2,279. Fully loaded models will sell for $2,849. The Modbook is available exclusively through Other World Computing

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