PowerBook Goes Boom

powerbook notebook explodes
Yet another reminder to ALWAYS backup your notebook, especially before you let an âہËÅexpert technicianâ€â„¢ come anywhere near it. A cable guy was supposed to install a broadband modem, but instead managed to blow up the customerâ€â„¢s notebook by plugging the coaxial cable into a power cord.More pics after the jump.

He said he was going to trace the coaxial cable from the wall up onto the roof and see if he could solve the problem. About 10 minutes later I was standing on the back porch just outside the window of the computer work desk when I saw a bright flash of light accompanied by a very loud explosion at the work desk. It was as loud as an illegal M-80 on the Fourth of July.

powerbook notebook explodes 2

via Mac Blog

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