Cocoon Innovations: Best Bags of CES 2009

cocoon_bags_ces-8Cocoon Innovations is about to change how women carry their gadgets. This stylish startup’s selection of sleeves and bags are the nicest I saw at CES and the only ones that come close to being able to hold everything business women carry on a regular basis.

The bags are fashion forward, but what really sets them apart Cocoon Innovations’ bags is the ingenious grid system. Pretty much every other notebook bag I’ve seen has a few pockets and pouches that never seem to fit what I need them to. The grid system is a criss-cross of elastic bands that let you strap down your phone, lipstick, business cards and whatever else you normally toss in your bag.

If you already have a notebook bag you can pick up a Cocoon Innovations portfolio, which starts at just $19. I think the red bag in the video is the nicest bag I saw at the show. I wanted to take it home with me and was surprised that it’s only going to cost $79. Some of the larger leather Cocoon Innovations briefcases will cost up to $290.

Cocoon adds a level of sophistication and style to notebook bags that I haven’t seen before at these price points. The bags will be available at major retailers and at starting this spring.



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