Do Not Buy Button: Retrevo Launches Consumer Electronics Store with a Twist

Do Not add to Cart ButtonGadget review site has been well-known for helping consumers make smarter buying decisions and now they are hoping to carry that experience over into selling consumer electronics. The Retrevo MarketPlace launches today with Cell phone, Camera, Camcorder and MP3 accessories; but should soon expand to include all types of consumer electronics like HDTVs and Notebooks. To stand out, Retrevo is launching with a Do NoT Add to Cart Button, possibly an industry first.

We had a preview of the service last week and spoke with co founder Manish Rathi, to find out what sets Retrevo apart from the competitors like Best Buy or, and to see how Retrevo would remain an authoritative voice on consumer electronics while selling them.

The biggest thing that sets Retrevo apart form the competition is the information and education that the website offers to buyers. It has long been one of our favorite resources for finding out if a gadget is new, at its prime or on the way out. The best part is that Retrevo is able to provide all of this information in a manner that is easy to understand so we can tell our friends and family to visit the site and look around for themselves without holding their hand through the educational process.

Real Time Review Retrevo

These Real Time reviews, which are powered by advanced AI and algorithms allow Retrevo to deliver a snapshot of the product like you see above, which makes it easy to understand who the product is for. Additionally, the Retrevo Guides help steer shoppers towards the right products for their needs, instead of the products that a salesperson specifically likes at Best Buy.

One of the key issues that Retrevo faced when the company decided to open up a marketplace is how to remain objective and to keep providing users with the recommendations that they want and need. The solution was to rely on the algorithms, rather than humans to recommend products and to not sell certain items. As you look over the Retrevo Marketplace, you’ll find something you won’t see at Best Buy or Amazon — a Do Not Add to Cart Button.

Do Not Add to Cart Button at Retrevo

Do Not Add to Cart Button at Retrevo

The Do Not Add to Cart Button appears on items that Retrevo wouldn’t recommend you purchase. Retrevo will show you other items that may be offer a better value, but if you do want to purchase the item, you can still find links to other sites, such as Amazon, where the product is sold.

So far the store looks pretty nice, and the prices are competitive. We’ll keep an eye on the Retrevo Marketplace to see how the Do Not Buy strategy pans out over time.

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