Virgin Mobile MiFi Coming July 28th

Virgin Mobile continues to offer the best deal on pre-paid mobile broadband service and with the release of a pre-paid MiFi device on Virgin Mobile the deal...

What You Need to Know About Subsidized Netbooks From AT&T and Verizon

If you've been paying attention to commercials lately you may have noticed that many cell phone companies are now selling netbooks, small cheap computers, with a high speed data connection at a subsidized price just like their phones. Given all the cool things that Bill Kurtis can do with the internet on his AT&T netbook you might be tempted to get one of your own and use its 3g connection instead of paying for highspeed from your cable company but before you do that you better read the rest of this post.

Verizon MiFi – Looking Good for Mobile Pro

3543953920_19366ced88_mRob Bushway blogged about his first day with the Verizon MiFi router today at GottaBeMobile. The combo 3G card/WiFi router looks like it fits the bill for Rob's highly-mobile lifestyle. The MiFi seems like the perfect device for Rob, who uses a variety of mobile devices and always has a kid (or four) in tow. The MiFi router can be used to provide mobile broadband to up to five devices at a time.

Showstoppers, Night Before CTIA

apr-2008-hs_source-3I’m in Las Vegas checking out the CTIA wireless convention this week which encompasses all things wireless and mobility. Showstoppers is a media-only event that showcases companies the night before major conventions and I had a chance to see some of the goodies and I’ll share what I found below.

Novatell Wireless Intros MiFi Mobile Hotspot (video @ CES 2009)

novatel_mifi_09_cesMike Kelly showed me the Novatell Wireless MiFi Mobile Hotspot, a 3G router that plays double duty as a WiFi router. It supports up to five WiFi devices at once and will be available via major wireless carriers in a few months. It will cost $200 before carrier subsidies.