Lenovo Notebooks

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Great Savings on IdeaPads from Lenovo

Lenovo is jumping on the bandwagon and offering a handful of special offers before Black Friday! You can save up to $180 off several models in the IdeaPad series. These notebooks are great for everyday use and perfect for multimedia lovers. To get in on the savings, check out the special eCoupons codes!

Lenovo announces 11.6″ IdeaPad U150 Notebook

Today Lenovo announced more new notebooks in the IdeaPad line, including the 13.5mm thick IdeaPad U150 which is looking to fill the need of portability without sacrificing on horsepower all for around $585. The 11.6" U150 makes for comes in red or black and can be equipped with a dual core Intel processor to cement its place above the netbooks that fill the 11.6" screen category of notebooks.

Lenovo Introduces Thinkpad SL410 and SL510 for Small Business Users

Lenovo just announced the addition of two new ThinkPad notebooks geared towards small to medium size business users, all running Windows 7 and sporting business friendly options. The new models, the ThinkPad SL410 and ThinkPad SL510 both offer a 16x9 matte screen with VibrantView and anti-glare technology; a decision which many road warriors will love.

NMU Provides Lenovo R400’s and WiMAX to Students

Imagine this. You're (back) in college, settling down in "your" booth of at the local coffeeshop with your decked out Lenovo R400 and you realize that all the research for your midterm essay is located on the History Department's shared network drive. If you're a student at almost any school other then Northern Michigan University (NMU) you'd have to abandon your already warmed up booth, guzzle your double hazelnut latte and trek back to campus to download the research to your hard drive, but students at NMU don't even have to depend on the coffeeshop's flaky wifi connection thanks to the roll-out of WiMAX at NMU and in the college town of Marquette.

Storm Chasers Use ThinkPads, Trucks Full of Mobile Tech

Lenovo's providing ThinkPads, IdeaPads and desktops to the non-profit Center for Severe Weather Research. They're using mobile Doppler radars, trucks full of Lenovo computers and a lot of brain power to improve how scientists predict tornadoes and other severe weather phenomenon.

Lenovo Constant Connect Available

image002The Constant Connect ExpressCard and software that Reasearch in Motion (RIMM) and Lenovo announced back in february is available today at Lenovo.com and authorized resellers. Lenovo Constant Connect is an innovative feature that synchronizes email between a ThinkPad and a Blackberry, even when the ThinkPad is in sleep mode.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 Unboxed, First Thoughts

sany0001Lenovo's IdeaPad Y650 is the world's thinnest and lightest 16-inch notebook/ The IdeaPad Y650 is designed to offer a full media experience, without the weight and bulk found in other 16-inch notebooks. Lenovo sent us an IdeaPad Y650 and I unboxed it today.

ThinkPads Get Tough, Meet Mil-Spec Standards

Lenovo's designated eight ThinkPads for use in semi-rugged computing environments such as construction sites and police vehicles. Eight ThinkPads meet military specification (MIL-SPEC) standards, which mean they can stand up to vibrations, extreme temperatures, dust and other hazards. Lenovo's now offering an optional 680-nit display for the ThinkPad T400 to improve viewability in outdoor applications.

CES 2009: Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds (video)

w700dsLenovo's ThinkPad W700ds is the world's first workstation to have dual displays. Tom Ribble, director of ThinkPad marketing, explains the benefits of dual displays.

ThinkPad W700ds: Workstation with Dual-Displays

w700ds_18Lenovo's officially announcing the ThinkPad W700ds workstation today and I look forward to spending some time with one at CES this week. The ThinkPad W700ds has a primary 17-inch display and a 10.6-inch display that pops out to the right to provide extra work space for power users like engineers and video editors.
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All ThinkPad SL, T and X Series Notebooks Get 3G

All Lenovo ThinkPad SL, T and X series notebooks will now come standard with an embedded 3G card to connect to AT&T mobile broadband network. The internal 3G card was previously an option on these ThnkPads and cost up to $150.
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ThinkPad X301: Thinnest ThinkPad Gets 128GB SSD

Lenovo's introduced the ThinkPad X301, which is replacing the X300. The ThinkPad X301 is about 20% faster than the previous model and can be configured with a 128GB solid state drive, which is double the original storage capacity.
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IdeaPad S10: Lenovo Mini Notebook for $399

Lenovo's jumped into the mini-notebook game with the IdeaPad S10 today. Weighing in at less than 2.5-pounds, the IdeaPad S10 features a 10.2-inch display and will cost just $399 in its basic configuration.