Secure a Laptop with Griffin’s TechSafe Cable Locking System

Griffin Technology announced a new TechSafe Cable Locking System designed to keep your laptop in place when thieves might potentially walk off with it. Unlike the typical lock that hooks into the almost ubiquitous Kensington Lock port, this system works with any notebook computer, including Apple MacBooks (which don’t come with the Kensington Lock port). Most PCs have the port, but increasingly as manufacturers work to offer more interesting designs to compete with Apple styles, they are leaving off these ports.

We’ve seen locks for specific computers without the port, like this lock designed for the MacBook Air. But Griffin’s solution is universal.

Techsafe laplock 2

A metal blade slips through the hinge of the laptop and connects to the security lock to keep it connected. The lock offers a four digit combination security code, much like an old-fashioned briefcase, only much stronger. Click the blade into the lock and connect the lock to the five-foot steel cable which loops around something secure, like a table leg, to keep the laptop secure.

TechSafe Clamp

An optional TechSafe Security Lock Clamp can also connect to a table and clamp in place. The cable from the lock hooks to the clamp.

Techsafe laplock 6

The lock will keep a MacBook or other notebook secure at the coffee shop or in an office with unscrupulous coworkers. While no one should leave a notebook computer totally unattended, this keeps it safe if you are across the room.

Techsafe laplock 4

The best security for your laptop is to keep it close by. But locks like this one from Griffin Technology add an extra level of safety. In a situation, like a workplace with customers in and out and where a user leaves the Notebook out, this adds some assurance that it won’t be lifted.

Here is Griffin’s promo video that shows how it works.

Griffin Technologies offers this security accessory for $29.99 direct from their website.

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