AViiQ Portable Quick Stand for Notebooks Review

The AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is a portable notebook stand that offers 12 degree angle for ergonomic typing and airflow. The primary selling point of the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is that it is collapsible, which makes it easy to carry around. However, stability and the high angle weaken what would be an otherwise useful accessory.

AViiQ Portable Quick Stand


While some notebook stands are too bulky to take with you, the AViiQ’s weighs only 5.5 ounces and collapses flat to fit in the notebook compartment of your computer bag. The AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is so thin, you will barely notice it is there.

AViiQ Portable Quick Stand collapsed

The stand is made from four long slices of plastic that look metallic. They are held together by silicone rubber that comes in five colors, allowing you to find one that fits your style. AViiQ says that the Portable Quick Stand will work with smaller notebooks like the MacBook Air or larger 17″ computers.

AViiQ Stand Raises Notebook to 12 Degree Incline

The stand has a 12 degree angle which raises the notebook off the table offering increased airflow for cooling and a higher angle for those who prefer this angle while typing. People who have good touch typing form will like that angle.

Unfortunately, like many users, we are lazy and rest our wrists on the front part of the laptop. As a result the angle is a little too high for comfortable typing. Very few of our staff find this kind of angle useful for typing. The good news is the stand can be used at a lower angle, even if it was not designed to be used that way. Below you will see what we mean.

AViiQ Stand Folded In offers lower angle

As you can see, when you fold the edge with the smaller pieces in on itself instead of putting them at the base of the triangle, the angle is much lower. This is a more comfortable angle to use while typing.


The  AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is quick and easy to set up, just press along the folded edge and it turns into a triangle that forms the base of the stand.

AViiQ Stand Grabbing the Rubber Feet of the MacBook Air

There is a bit of a trick to make the stand work without your notebook sliding off. Our MacBook Air has two rubber feet on the bottom. We positioned the apex of the triangle just below those feet and it stays in place (see above). Another option is to have the top groove grab the back edge of the lid of your laptop (see below). This won’t help if your laptop doesn’t have a lid that folds back as low as the back edge of the MacBook Air’s lid.

AViiQ Portable Quick Stand

If you place the top of the Quick Stand against the MacBook Air’s flat metallic base, the notebook will slide off of the stand. Also, the AViiQ Portable Stand is a little unstable while you type, especially for those who bang on a keyboard. If you are a heavy typer the notebook will bounce a little while on the stand. Finally, you cannot use the stand on your lap at all.


At $39.99 the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is on the high side. While the portability is a nice feature, the weaknesses above make the Portable Quick Stand too expensive for us to recommend. Typically stands in this price range offer more functionality and importantly a sturdier base to type on.


  • Light
  • Small
  • Colorful trim
  • Easy to set up


  • Unstable
  • Many notebooks will slide off
  • Bouncy while typing
  • Can’t be used while typing on your lap
  • Too expensive

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