HP Battery Recall Expanded: How to Find Out if Your Battery is Bad

HP Battery RecallHP launched a battery recall back in 2009, which covered a broad range of notebooks with the HP and Compaq labels, and now thanks to additional investigations HP is expanding the battery recall to a larger number of notebooks and batteries. Because of the increased recall, HP is asking customers to re-verify that they are using a safe battery by checking their battery on the HP Notebook PC Battery Pack Replacement website, even if they have already checked.

The Battery recall is due to a safety hazard affecting a small number of batteries shipped in HP and Compaq notebooks. The issue with this recall is that the batteries could overheat and cause a fire or burn users. If you have an HP notebook, you should spend a few minutes to make sure your battery is not part of the recall. Continuing to use a recalled battery is a safety hazard. The Battery Recall website provides easy to follow instructions for identifying any affected batteries.

HP and Compaq Notebooks With Recalled Batteries

Compaq Evo
N1010v**** N1050v****
G6000* G7000*
HP Pavilion
4200**** dv6500* dx4000**** zd8100**** ze4500**** ze5400****
dv1000** dv6700* dx5000**** ze2xxx*** ze4600**** ze5500****
dv1xxx*** dv7000**** dx6000* ze4100**** ze4700**** ze5600****
dv2000* dv8000** dx6500* ze4100/xt1xx**** ze4800**** zv5000****
dv2500* dv9000* dx6700* ze4200**** ze5155**** zv5200****
dv2700* dv9500* dx7000**** ze4300**** ze5200**** zx5000****
dv6000* dv9700* zd8000** ze4400**** ze5300**** zx5200****
Compaq Presario
1100**** C700* R3000**** V2400** V3700* X4000****
2100**** F500* R3200**** V2xxx*** V6000* X5000****
2500**** F700* V1000**** V3000* V6500* X6100****
A900* M2xxx*** V2000** V3500* V6700*
HP Compaq
6720s* nc6110** nc6230** nx4820** nx6120** nx9100****
9000**** nc6120** nc8000**** nx48xx*** nx9005**** nx9105****
9005**** nc6140** nw8000**** nx5000**** nx9008**** nx9600**
nc6000**** nc6220** nx4800** nx6110** nx9010**** 6510b†
6515b† 6520s 6710b† 6710s† 6715b† 6715s†


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