Eee PC Netbook with MacBook Air Styling Coming at Computex

Asus is set to unveil a new line of Eee PC mini-notebooks and netbooks at Computex in Taipei next week, with a teaser of “The next evolution of the Eee PC” on Facebook. Asus hasn’t given up any details, and the only image is a shadowed teaser shown below. However, if you are unable to wait, you can check out the fist image of the new Eee PC notebooks, that take on a MacBook Air like Wedge shape, courtesy of Notebook Italia.

The new Eee PC notebooks are taking on a bolder look, that based on one image, we like. Of course we will need to see what Asus packs inside these mini-notebooks and netbooks to make final judgement, but at first light, they look pretty nice. We aren’t looking at a MacBook Air clone by any means, but we do like the angled front edge on the MacBook Air which appears to be similar on the leaked Asus Eee PC image.

Notebook Italia tells us that we may see versions of the new Eee PC with something other than Windows, so perhaps Asus will put some form of Ubuntu or Android on these notebooks. WHen they come stateside, expect to see your standard Windows 7 versions, which is what most consumers want. No word on pricing or availability has been announced, but we expect to have more details as Computex gets up to speed starting May 30th.

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