Earth Day: Paper Based Biodegradable Notebook Cases Coming

Just in time for Earth Day, PEGA, is announcing a new biodegradable computer case. The paper-based case was displayed at the Milan furniture fair and is just a prototype for now, but it does offer a biodegradable notebook casing made out or recycled paper.

biodegradable notebook case - earth day

The biodegradable computer case can be injection molded just like the ABS that is used in many applications for notebook parts and casing. The use of a polypropylene alloy allows the earth friendly material to be used in numerous applications including cases and the smaller parts within notebooks and consumer electronics.

You can’t purchase a biodegradable computer yet, but we are seeing a push for greener electronics which could spur some manufacturers to adopt the new technology. The Samsung Replenish is a new “green” phone coming to Sprint and Virgin Mobile which uses recycled plastic in the construction, but no recycled paper.

We probably won’t see a biodegradable notebook case coming to market right away, but we do hope to see this type of green tech make its way into more devices.

Via Liliputing

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