The Right Price for Core i7 Notebooks Revealed [Buying Advice]

We all want the best deal we can find on a new notebook, especially on powerful Core i7 powered desktop replacement notebooks with 16″ or 17″ displays. Knowing when to open your wallet and make a purchase can be a hard to figure out, but using histrical pricing, Dealnews has figured out the “Magic Price” to buy a Core i7 desktop replacement.

Best Time to Buy a Core i7 Desktop Replacement

Dealnews Intel Core i7 Price Chart

Dealnews tracked the price of a 17″ Core i7 powered HP, likely the HP Pavilion dv7, and a 16″ Lenovo notebook to figure out the best prices for the most powerful notebooks for gaming and creative work.

Unlike other notebooks, which can be tracked to a specific time of the year to purchase, these Cor i7 powered notebooks don’t have the same predictable pricing. In fact most manufacturer pricing was too sporadic to be included in the Dealnews chart.

Essentially, after looking at prices over the past year, Dealnews determined that if you find a 16″ or 17″ Intel Core i7 powered notebook below $800 you should buy right away as you won’t see that price very often.

Keep in mind that Intel’s latest 2nd Generation Core i family of processors, often called Sandy Bridge, were released in January 2011 and are finally arriving in consumer notebooks from major manufacturers. You may still see some 2nd Gen Core i7 notebooks hitting the $800 mark later this year, but the additional thing to take note of is that the price of first generation Intel Core i7 notebooks will only go lower, and still offer a lot of power for the price.

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