How to Enable Pinch to Zoom and Twist Gestures in Firefox 4

Firefox_4_logoIf you have a multi touch mousepad and have already downloaded Firefox 4, you can enable mulitouch gestures by changing a few settings. This will allow you to pinch to zoom in Firefox 4 and enable the use of a twist gesture to switch tabs.

To enable pinch to zoom, you need to head over to the configuration for Firefox 4 which isn’t under the menu, but rather typed into your address bar. The functionality is already in there, we just need to turn it on.

Firefox4 pinch to zoom

About:Config Settings in Firefox 4

Type about:config in your address bar.

Firefox4 pinch to zoom 2

Warning that you should only change what you know.

Click I’ll be careful, I proimise!

Firefox 4 browser gestures

Enabling multitouch gestures in Firefox 4

In the filter box type “browser.gesture” without the quotes and you will see the list of options.


Turning Pinch to Zoom in Firefox 4

Turning Pinch to Zoom in Firefox 4

For the Pinch to Zoom double click on each of the following entries and past in the cmd portion.         cmd_fullZoomReduce   cmd_fullZoomReset

  browser.gesture.pinch.out        cmd_fullZoomEnlarge

  browser.gesture.pinch.out.shift  cmd_fullZoomReset

To enable twist gestures, change these entries

  browser.gesture.twist.left       Browser:PrevTab

  browser.gesture.twist.right      Browser:NextTab

If you end up messing something up, you can go back in and change the entries back to the original blank to disable them.

Firefox 4 offers a new interface, speed improvements and features. To find out more, check out our Firefox 4 overview.