Avast 6 Free Antivirus Gains Web Reputation For Safer Browsing

When Avast 6 launches in the near future the free anti-virus software will make use of technology normally reserved for expensive anti virus solutions, web reputation analysis. Web reputation allows users to vote on websites in order to warn others to potential threats like phishing scams, malware and more.

With Web Reputation settings it’s like having your tech expert on hand while browsing to tell you, “OK, that website is legit”, or “Wait! don’t click that!” anytime you surf the web.

The power of any web reputation score is in the numbers, and with more than 100 million avast users WebRep has the potential to be a very useful tool.

In order to provide you with warnings and allow you to rate websites Avast will come with a browser plugin that installs with Avast 6. WebRep makes use of existing data on malware websites that is provided by search engines and other sources as well as the user ratings that are provided when users surf the web and assign a rating to a specific website.

By harnessing the power of a large number of users the service hopes to avoid any false negatives or gaming of the system. “The sheer size of our CommunityIQ network means that on launch we will already have a lot of data available to help screen against prolific virus or malware sites,” explains Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software in a press release about the upcoming feature. “As the WebRep service grows, we expect to index a great deal of the content to make the internet a safer place for all to visit.”

Avast 6 is currently available as a beta from the Avast website, but we recommend that you stick with a fully tested version of Avast on your main computer for the time being.

Avast 6 Beta Download – Avast Forums

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