Run Android on your Netbook and Notebooks with Android x86

If you’ve been looking to run Android on your Dell Inspiron Duo, Viewpad 10 or any number of ASUS netbooks and notebooks you need to check out the Android x86 project which has stable versions of Android 2.2 ready to run on these devices.

Notebookitalia points us to five versions of Android x86 aimed at specific devices:

  • generic_x86 : PC / notebook x86 generic
  • eeepc : the specification for netbooks Eee Family
  • asus_laptop : compatible with some laptops Asus
  • viewpad10 : the ViewSonic Tablet ViewPad 10 (may work on other tablet-based Atom processor N4 **))
  • Sparta : Dell Inspiron Mini Duo

The Android x86 group is also working on a version of Android x86 based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but that is not yet ready for full time.

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