Mobile Cloth Review: Puts Other Cleaning Cloths To Shame (Video)

Mobile Cloth is nothing special until you use it. Then it changes what you think about microfiber cleaning cloths. That sounds like hyperbole, but the fact that I’m doing a review (with a video) of something as mundane as a cleaning cloth shows how good it is.

In my experience, cleaning cloths are nothing special, they do alright so long as you apply a lot of pressure or use a cleaning solution or water with it. But the Mobile Cloth does a good job without much pressure at all and you never need a cleaning solution. A little water occasionally help with really caked on grime, but I found that was only necessary on rare occasions.

It is great for cleaning the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Other glossy screens will work as well. The pattern on the cloth is said to grab the dirt and pick it up. Sounds hard to believe, but we do. It is made of micro fibers 100 times finer than human hair and woven into a patter called numbs.

The company says the nubs are great at picking up the bacteria from a persons hands. We have no way of testing that, but if it does it is just a nice extra. It does however work like a suction cup to such off the finger prints and other grime. Quoting the EPA their web site says:

“In independent studies such as those published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and by Dr. William Rutala, extremely fine (.37 micrometer diameter) microfiber was both laboratory and clinically tested and proven to remove up to 98 percent of bacteria and 93 percent of viruses from a surface using only water (no chemicals). In comparison, traditional cotton fibers have been shown to only remove 30 percent of the bacteria and 23 percent of the viruses from a contaminated environmental surface. “

Below is our video review where we show you just how simple it is to wipe an extremely dirty screen perfectly clean.

The added benefit of the Mobile Cloth is that is also cheap. At only $2.99 for either a white or light blue cloth is not bad. It was so cheap I just ordered the six pack for $12.99. Now I keep one with my computer, my iPad, on my desk an at my night stand for when I am in bed and need to clean the screen before doing some late night reading or watching videos.

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