FlipIt Charger Lets Add a USB Charger to any Outlet

If you have trouble finding a location to charge your MP3 Player or smart phone because there are no outlets to spare then you should check out the FlipIt USB charger which slips in between a normal plug and the outlet, adding a USB port.

As you can see in the illustration above the plug keeps the FlipIt charger in place and avoids the need for an extra outlet next to your bed. The USB port outputs 5V/750mA which won’t charge your iPad but should handle most other smartphones and USB charging gadgets.

This little gadget looks like it would be a good fit for travelers who prefer to have their smart phone by their bed instead of plugged into their laptop across the room. The charger will work in other countries so long as you have the proper cord adapters so that you can plug in.

The FlipIt is available for $15.99.

Via SlashGear

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