Evernote Announces Sponsored Accounts, Makes Giving Evernote Premium to Groups Easy

Today Evernote, a web service that makes it easy to capture notes in an online notebook, announced the launch of Evernote Sponsored Accounts.

Sponsored Accounts are a new way to easily give Evernote Premium to everyone in your organization. While you could gift accounts in the past this simplified method allows you to get everyone on the same page, allowing users to all share Evernote notebooks with each other for collaboration.

Account Sponsorship brings several benefits to the administrator including a single monthly bill, account administration to manage groups and priority support which will put you at the top of the queue.

If you sponsor an Evernote account the user retains control and ownership of the account so if they leave or your organization no longer sponsors the account the user still has their data and can upgrade to a Premium account on their own or use the free version of Evernote with the standard limits in place.

For organizations who want to control their own notebooks, Evernote suggests the use of a corporate Evernote account that shares folders to the individual users. Shared folders are available in Evernote for Windows and in the Evernote Mac Beta.

Educational institutions that wish to use sponsored accounts can get a 50% discount of the sponsorship price. Evernote has been in use in the Montclair Kimberly Academy where all students from fourth grade up were given a MacBook with an Evernote premium account. You can see how the students used Evernote in the video below.