Kindle Books Getting 14-Day Lending Feature, Newspapers & Magazines coming to Kindle Apps

Lending a book to a friend is as old as books themselves and has been a feature of the Nook since it’s launch. Amazon just announced that the Kindle would soon allow for users to lend an ebook to another user; addressing one fo the complaints many users have had with eBooks. Amazon also announced that soon the newspapers and books which can be read on the Kindle device will be available to read on the free Kindle apps.

The new Kindle lend to a friend feature will be available later this year allowing the original purchaser to lend an ebook to a friend for 14-days, during which the original purchaser will be unable to read the book. The lending feature will not be enabled for all books, as it is up to the publisher to specify which books can be lent. Also, the eBook will only be able to be lent once, so don’t plan on lending out the book to friend after friend.

Even with the limitations this is still an exciting new feature especially for those of us who have friends who are always talking about cool new books they just read on their kindle. The next time a friend tweets about an amazing new book, they might be able to lend it to you instantly through Amazon Whispersync in seconds.

The other big news is that the newspapers and magazines which have long been a part of the Kindle experience will soon be available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and later available for the Android and other apps.

Expect to see the Kindle lending feature before the end of the year and newspapers and magazines on your iOS devices in the coming weeks.

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