Google Chrome and Intel App Stores Coming to Netbooks/Tablets This Fall

These days it seems that if you don’t have an app store you’re a nobody; at least in the mobile arena. News comning in today suggests that two major players, Google and Intel, will be opening app stores this fall.

The Google Chrome  Web Store is expected to open in October to coincide with an expected wave of Chrome powered netbooks and the rumored Google Tablet. The Google Chrome Web Store was demoed at GDC Europe where attendees had a chance to see a game focused section of the store. The Google Chrome Store will be a marketplace for web apps that allows users to make purchases using Google Checkout. These apps are defined as an app that runs in the broswer using Flash, HTML5/Javascript or C++.

One major difference between Google’s Web App store and others is that it only takes a 5% processing fee instead of the up to 70% revenue share that some stores take. This could attract more developers to the platform and in turn result in more games and apps for users. The demo showed odd Plants BVs. Zombies, Fifa 10 and a version of Lego Star Wars.

Intel’s app store for netbooks, AppUp Center, which debuted back in January will also officially launch in September when it drops the “beta” tag. The Intel AppUp store is an app store dedicated to bringing software designed specifically for the small screens and low power processors of netbooks directly to users. There are currently 500 apps in the AppUp store that work on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Moblin. Intel’s hope is to see this netbook app store installed on netbooks direct from the manufacturer.

Via PCWorld and Liliputing

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