How to Use the Amazon Mobile iPhone App to do Home Inventory & Find Deals


Amazon has a useful feature in its Amazon Mobile shopping app called Amazon Remembers.

The app takes a photo of an item and then uploads it to Amazon servers where it uses both automatic image recognition and real people to say what is in the photo and suggest the product or one like it for purchase on Amazon. However, another useful application is taking a home inventory, says the folks at Lifehacker.

They have a very helpful article on how to use the app on an iPhone to take an inventory.


The way it works, the app has a tab at the bottom called Remembers” which analyzes photos taken with the phone’s camera and suggests products to buy. The things you photograph are all saved on a special page tied to your account, which you can then use to list all of the items you own for insurance purposes or some other reason related to a home inventory. It is not perfect. I took a picture of my iPad and Amazon told me it was the new Apple iPod Nano. But it was not the best picture, as you can see.


Another cool new tool in the app was reported by our friends at Gottabemobile. It will scan the bar code of any product and, if it is available on Amazon, show the product page.


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