Samsung Galaxy Accessories Emerge: Bluetooth Pen, Cases, Adapters and More

In just a week, on September 2nd at the IFA 2010 event, we expect to see Samsung unveil the Galaxy, a 7-inch Android Tablet that will likely have a Super-Amoled display. Last week we learned a little more about the Galaxy when a teaser video was uploaded and now we are seeing a plethora of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy thanks to

So far the OLED oriented investigators have unearthed three cases, a screen protector, Bluetooth pen, USB adapter HDMI dock, Galaxy Tab Keyboard and several other chargers and cables. You can see many of the accessories in the gallery below and the full roundup on OLED Display.

The Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth pen looks particularly interesting. It will reportedly allow users to connect to multiple devices and answer and end calls. The rest of the accessories also look handy and may play a role in the adoption of the Galaxy device.

Traditionally any device other than those created by Apple have had far fewer aftermarket accessories to fill needs and address device shortcomings. This large stock of Samsung accessories should provide another boost to the Galaxy’s adoption.

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