Virgin Mobile to Offer $40 a month Unlimited Mobile Broadband

In an interesting development it looks like Virgin Mobile will be cutting the prices of their Unlimited prepaid Mobile broadband service, BroadBand2Go, to $40 a month.

The new plans will include a $10, 100MB plan and a $40 a month unlimited plan. These replace the current pricing of $10, $20, $40 and $60 which topped out at 5GB

What is really interesting about the new pricing plan is that it now places the no contract, prepaid mobile broadband service $20 a month cheaper than Sprints mobile broadband plan which is $60 a month for unlimited 4G service and 5GB of 3G service. It’s not yet clear ff this means we should expect to see a cheaper 3G plan from Sprint, which operates the network that Virgin Mobile operates on. Another possibility is that Virgin Mobile is attempting to offer a more attractive price given the ability of many modern phones to act as a mobile hotspot for $15 a month.

The service requires no contract which makes it an attractive mobile broadband option for users who don’t want a long term commitment. With the prepaid mobile broadband you are able to pay for the service during your travel season and turn it off when you are at home.

Virgin Mobile offers a USB BroadBand2Go adapter (review) and a MiFi unit (review) for connecting up to five devices.

The change was confirmed on Virgin Mobile’s FaceBook Page and is expected to start on August 24th.