How to Fix iPhone 4 Reception Problems

There is a potential fix for iPhone 4 reception problems. The best part about this fix is that you don’t need to download any files or install anything on your iPhone. For some iPhone users with reception problems, resetting the network settings improves reception when holding the phone the “wrong” way.

The iPhone 4 reception problem is well documented so we won’t re-explain it. If you are having problems with your phone’s reception decreasing as you hold it “wrong”, then this might work.

How to reset the iPhone 4 Network Settings:

1. Open Settings and tap on General (first item in third section)

2. Next tap on Reset, all the way at the bottom.

3. Now choose Reset Network Settings. This doesn’t erase your data, but it will remove your saved WiFi passwords.

4. Once you tap the Reset Network Settings the following screen will appear.

5. Go ahead and hit the red button labeled Reset Network Settings. Your iPhone will restart itself. If you have a pass-code lock set, it will ask for it at some point in this process.

The results will vary. TUAW reports that two people the author spoke to said this worked. I reset the network settings on my iPhone and then tried to hold it “wrong”; instead of going down to only one bar or at times no bars the iPhone signal went down to two bars consistently. That could just be coincidence, but in an informal personal test I find that I am getting better reception while holding the phone “wrong.”

This fix is different from the upcoming Apple Software fix which, according to reports, might not fix the problem.

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