Six Percent of Smartphone Users Consume Half of Mobile Data

In a report by Nielsen Telecom, half of all mobile data is consumed by only six percent of smartphone users, thus providing evidence that tiered data pricing may be beneficial to most users.

Following AT&T’s elimination of unlimited data plans, Neilsen Telecom, did a study of 60,000 U.S. phone bills every month. They found that six percent of smartphone users consume half of all mobile data. The average data usage was only 298MB per month. In an even more shocking figure, Neilsen Telecom reported that one in four smartphone users did not use any data services, or 0MB per month. Also, more than a third of smartphone users are not subscribed to a data plan at all. These individuals are left over from the time when carriers did not require a monthly data plan be sold with every smartphone and will likely be forced into a data plan when they upgrade to a new device.

The fact that most users do not use the amount of data that is allotted to them per their data contract, or don’t use data at all. This supports the idea of AT&T’s tiered data plan pricing. Why pay for what you don’t use? Other carriers are taking notice and talking of altering their plans in the same fashion.

For now, see this transition as a good thing, unless you are in the top six percent of data users.

Via Nielsen Blog, VentureBeat

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