Sam’s Club to Offer Free WiFi and Other Tech Upgrades

By November, Sam’s Club stores will be offering free Wi-Fi along with some other new services for technology buyers. The announcement was made to 2,200 of the companies employees at their annual showcase of Christmas season products.

The Wi-Fi will come from AT&T and the primary purpose is to give customers a way to sample the web on computers, Internet enabled HDTVs and other electronic devices. These tools will allow users to experience Pandora and the many other apps that are coming to connected entertainment devices.

To go with the free Wi-Fi, the company will push HD signals to their TVs on display giving customers a better sample of what the display will look like with HD content.

Sam’s will also offer a smartphone app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices starting in September. The app will show customers eValues” which are special discounts for members who pay for a Plus account. Other things included will be customer reviews of products and product information.

Additionally, Sam’s Club will offer a phone service for buyers to get more technical information about products. The Tech Experts 24/7 service will be available via a toll-free number (877-758-4346) offering advanced information for buyers both before and after the buying decision. Along with this, in-store personnel will get significantly more, and much-needed, training about the technology products sold Sam’s Club stores.

Source: Yahoo Finance via Engadget. Image from Engadget.

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